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Vacha Thacker, a distinguished singer, author, child actress, and performer, holds the esteemed position of Goodwill Ambassador for the USA Chapter of the Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv. Since 2017, along with Dr. Krupesh and Dr. Pooja. Vacha has been an integral part of this initiative, using her diverse talents and unwavering dedication to raise awareness about clubfoot and support those affected by it.

A Versatile and Talented Artist

Vacha Thacker is recognized for her multifaceted talents in the arts. As a singer, she captivates audiences with her powerful voice and emotive performances. Her work as an author has garnered attention for its depth and insight, making her a respected figure in the literary community. Additionally, Vacha’s roles as a child actress have showcased her versatility and ability to connect with audiences of all ages.

Gunje Gita Performer

Vacha’s performances in the Gunje Gita show are a testament to her commitment to the cause. This unique show blends music and philosophy, drawing inspiration from the Karm Yog teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. Through Gunje Gita, along with Dr. Krupesh, Vacha uses her musical talents to convey messages of hope, resilience, and awareness, effectively engaging and educating audiences about clubfoot. She works as the Gunje Gita USA ambassador.

Changemaker and Advocate

As a changemaker, Vacha Thacker’s contributions extend beyond her artistic endeavors. Her role as Goodwill Ambassador involves advocating for individuals with clubfoot, promoting awareness, and fostering a supportive community. Her efforts have been instrumental in expanding the reach and impact of the Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv in the USA, making a significant difference in the lives of many families.

Mentorship and Family Support

Vacha’s dedication to the cause is deeply personal. As the sister of Parv Thacker, the Global Clubfoot Ambassador, she has played a crucial role in his journey. Vacha has mentored Parv not only as a sibling but also as a guide in understanding the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. Her support has been invaluable in helping Parv embrace his role and inspire others as a Clubfoot Warrior.

Commitment to the Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv

Since joining the Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv project in 2017, Vacha has been a driving force behind its initiatives in the USA. Her work has helped to raise awareness, provide education, and advocate for early intervention and treatment. Vacha’s passion and dedication have ensured that the initiative continues to grow, reaching more people and making a lasting impact.

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Impact and Legacy

Vacha Thacker’s contributions as the Goodwill Ambassador for the USA Chapter are profound and far-reaching. Her artistic talents, advocacy work, and personal commitment to supporting her brother and other individuals with clubfoot have made her a powerful force in the Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv. Through her efforts, Vacha is creating a legacy of awareness, support, and positive change, inspiring others to join the cause and make a difference.