Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi supports Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv

Parv Thacker, a young and talented child artist, was honoured by Gujarat’s Home Minister, Harsh Sanghavi, for his remarkable achievements and resilience in overcoming clubfoot. The occasion was marked by the launch of Parv’s album, “Love You Bharat,” a collection of seven patriotic songs that reflect his love for the nation. The event not only celebrated his artistic talents but also highlighted his journey of triumph over a challenging medical condition.

Overcoming Challenges with Resilience

In his appreciation letter to Parv, Health Minister Harsh Sanghavi praised the young artist for his remarkable spirit and resilience. He wrote, “Shri Parv Thacker has shown the ability to earn the title of a warrior since the age of 5. A disease like clubfoot, which causes both legs to bend inwards at birth, can lead to lifelong deformity if not treated in time. Not only did you become healthy by facing this physical problem with a smiling face, but you also embraced the cheerful nature of singers and actors from an early age, making your life enjoyable.”

Parv’s journey was not just about physical recovery; it was also about maintaining a positive outlook and developing his talents. Despite the challenges posed by clubfoot, Parv excelled in both academics and the arts, showcasing his singing and acting abilities from a young age. His story serves as an inspiration to many, demonstrating that physical limitations do not define one’s potential.

Advocacy and Awareness

Parv Thacker’s contributions extend beyond his achievements. He has become a prominent advocate for clubfoot awareness, representing India in the Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv by the Give Vacha Foundation. His role in this initiative aims to spread awareness about clubfoot across India and support efforts for early diagnosis and treatment, ensuring that other children with clubfoot can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Harsh Sanghavi acknowledged Parv’s role in these efforts, stating, “You are also developing the cooperative interest of family members towards social activities. You have also become India’s representative for the Global Clubfoot Awareness activity by the Give Vacha Foundation, which aims to create awareness about the disease across India and help with treatment.”

Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv Ambassador Parv Thacker Krup Health Give Vacha Foundation.

Launch of “Love You Bharat”

The launch of Parv’s album, “Love You Bharat,” was a testament to his multifaceted talents and his deep love for his country. The album features seven patriotic songs, each resonating with Parv’s spirit of resilience and his passion for music.


In his concluding remarks, Harsh Sanghavi wished Parv a bright future, saying, “Wishing you all the very best that your ability to shine as a child becomes an inspiration for all. Best wishes for your successful future.”