Parv Fusion Band meets Gujarat Sahitya Academy Chairman Bhagyesh Jha

Give Vacha Foundation, Krup Health, and Esy ID have joined forces to raise public awareness about clubfoot through a month-long initiative called “Clubfoot Awareness Month.” This collaborative effort aims to dispel misconceptions, provide timely treatment, and celebrate the resilience of children born with this congenital deformity.

On World Clubfoot Day, the artists of Parv Fusion Band had a significant encounter with Mr. Bhagyesh Jha, chairman of Gujarat Sahitya Academy. Their meeting symbolized the fusion of art, compassion, and awareness. Together, they amplify the message that clubfoot is not a barrier to success. it’s an opportunity for resilience and growth.


Parv Thacker: From Clubfoot Warrior to Global Ambassador

Parv Thacker, the global ambassador of the Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv project, has a remarkable story. Born with clubfoot deformity, he faced early challenges. However, timely treatment and unwavering determination transformed him into the “Clubfoot Warrior.” At just six years old, Parv has already launched over 30 songs worldwide, captivating audiences with his musical recitations of Bhagavad Gita verses alongside his sister, Vacha Thacker.

Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv Ambassador Parv Thacker Krup Health Give Vacha Foundation.

The Artistic Journey of Parv Fusion Band

Parv’s family, along with Dr. Krupesh Thacker and Dr. Pooja Thacker, leads the Parv Fusion Band. Their performances, known as “Gunje Gita” shows, blend music and purpose. As they tour Gujarat, they keep the Bhagavad Gita at the centre of their noble cause. Through their art, they inspire hope and resilience, emphasizing that every child, regardless of physical challenges, can achieve greatness.

Music Therapy: A Healing Melody

Dr. Krupesh Thacker, one of the project heads, highlights the role of music therapy in treating clubfoot. Over a five-year period, music therapy not only alleviates a child’s pain but also contributes to overall development. Parv stands as a living example of how music can heal and empower young hearts.

As Clubfoot Awareness Month continues, let us celebrate the courage of children like Parv Thacker and work collectively to create a world where misconceptions about clubfoot are replaced with understanding and support.